Safety CEUs!

Published in on Feb 12, 2022

One of the long-term goals for this site was to generate acupuncturist CEU classes (that don't suck) in the NCCAOM safety category (because those can be hard to find). I am happy to report that we've been successful! I'm particularly pleased that we have a 2-credit class "Addressing Common Safety Concerns with AERD Data" that's based on reviewing the reports in the AERD. We also have a 2-credit class "Social Safety in Community Acupuncture". You can find them here: 

Your purchase of CEU classes helps support the only accredited acupuncture school for community acupuncturists, and we appreciate it very much! Stay tuned later in the spring for a CEU on de-escalation techniques at the front desk with a very entertaining video made by POCA Tech students.